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It looks like it went much better than my poly talk. My poly talk went terrible, we didn't speak for like 2 days and when we finally spoke, nothing was resolved. In fact it's kind of put us in awkward place, but we're working through it.

I feel that now at least I got it out there, so my partner knows how I feel. I haven't given up on it. I feel that sometimes, things take time to get used to, so when I feel like stirring the pot again, I will bring it up to gauge and see if any progress has been made in the area.

I'm not doing this to become a nuisance or to start fights. I feel that even though my partner may not change, it's important that he knows I'm not going to change either in what I would like our relationship to be.

As futile as it may be, it's probably the only way that I can be true to myself at this point.
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