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Please, read through some of my blog. I know your pain. I've struggled through the "it's hopeless" faze.
You can make something beautiful of your life.

Honesty is a must.

I lied for years. WAY wAY WAY too many years and hurt myself, my husband, my boyfriend, my kids.

But, on September 25th, 2009 I made a change. Promised myself, honesty all of the way. It hasn't been an easy path-but OMG the benefits have FAR outweighed the negatives.

Some people can't handle it-and they've left. Others who I thought were goners, have stayed and still others I thought never to see or hear from again have re-appeared! Not to mention the wonderful new faces in my life.

Write, read, learn and grow.

Don't tie yourself to a sinking ship. It's ok to try to work things out-but, not to the point where you give up yourself.

So, take some time to rEALLY identify who you are, what your bottom lines are for being able to manage a relationship.

Honestly and openly lay them on the line and then let the pieces fall where they may.
It may mean losing both of those you love right now, it may not.

Either way, stay true and honest throughout and it will get better!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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