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Or make up your own.

I call GG "M'ebe". Doesn't matter what it means-its my word of adoration for him, pet name if you will and for the two of us it defines everything special about our relationship.

He calls me "Bebe". Same thing.

I call Maca by his given name with an extra vowel at the end-a name only his father and I use. It's something special that reminds us that our tie goes back to when we were kids AND is as close as family. Means nothing to the outside world. He IS my legal husband and I do explain that to others at times, but between he and I, that is too formal and too.... well demeaning. It's a label with no emotion attached that society created.

My youngest daughter is Sour Pea. OBVIOUSLY that isn't the name on her birth certificate, and she does know she's "the baby" but that is demeaning to her (which is why I use this example). She HATES being referred to as the baby (which other people insist on bringing up with "is she the baby of the family? type questions).
But, Sour Pea-which some might think is demeaning, to her is endearing.

My oldest is "Idge" which is short for "Idget" which I called her when she was little and at that time it was short for "midget" cause she's always been SO TINY.
To MANY all three of those are demeaning labels.
But, to her they are endearing and when I don't use that, she gets offended! She feels slighted or figures I'm PISSED OFF!

So, describe what you feel and find a word that fits your feelings and go with it.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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