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Oh, I guess I just didn't take into account that people are different. While I know what you mean, and not voicing your concerns can be a very very bad decision in the long run (I am actually with you on that), in this particular situation I imagined I would have cooled down, and had time to think about whether those feelings were even relevant, as opposed to acting on an impulse.
I usually need some time to process things before venting them coherently enough
But now that you explained where my brilliant plan might go wrong, I agree it's not a universally efficient solution )
Maybe it's more about how you voice your concerns? I just felt that saying no to his request was a little bit hasty... or perhaps I imagined it being more harsh than it was. But honestly it doesn't matter now. I think what happened was way more important, and showed that you have all made important steps towards the fabled poly-happiness.
How do you feel about it now?
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