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Default Non-Sexual Affection

Hey-I noticed someone asking about this on the New to Poly board and it was intriguing to me.

GreenGecko and I have long had a friendship. Sex has been a part (very small) of it off and on over the years. But in 16 years-even at the beginning when "NRE" would theoretically be in effect-it just wasn't a big focus.

I noted on the other thread-that only a handful of times did I have fantasies about anything sexual in regards to him.

I was thinking about that posters questions about themself and kind of tossing them out to myself in regards to GreenGecko and wondering, so what does that mean about our relationship?

We have great sex when we have sex and we're neither one opposed to having sex when the opportunity arises. But it's just not a HUGE big deal if that opportunity doesn't arrive and honestly-there are times when the opportunity DOES arise-that we choose not to take it because we REALLY want to do something else together (like put together playlists of music)....

Anyone else have these type of relationships with their "life loves" or other long term relationships?

Questions welcome!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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