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Originally Posted by Lovescribe View Post
The next best might have been saying: "ok, have more time", and then seething in privacy... and when he'd come home you'd tell him how it had made you feel and ask him to manage it better next time.
That's interesting. That used to be my response when he'd ask for something I really wasn't comfortable with... and then instead of coming home to a slightly irritated wife, he'd come home to a train wreck of sobbing and rage. We did not feel this was a superior result (lol) so one of the things I have been specifically working on is to honor my feelings and say so if I am uncomfortable or unhappy with something, thus improving communication overall. So I'm curious why you feel like that is a better option than just saying, "No, I'm not comfortable with that"?

Obviously I'd LOVE to get to a point where I don't care and it doesn't matter what time he gets home, but this is most definitely not that point.
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