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In fact, when i think about new friend, the fantasy is always about hand holding and cuddling.
Don't get me wrong, i HAVE fantasied about being with her, but usually my thoughts are for the most part very protective and nurturing.
Nearly ALL of my fantasies about my current boyfriend in the last 16+ years I've known him have revolved around cuddling, hand holding, HUGGING, HOLDING, curling up and going to sleep next to him, running through mud puddles whilst holding hands, falling asleep while he runs his fingers through my hair staring at me, listening to music laying on the floor side by side staring at the computer... you get the picture. I have only ever had a HANDFUL of sexual fantasies/dreams pop up and only a handful of times in all those years. (no we didn't JUST have sex recently either, I took his virginity damn near 15 years ago or so).
Its just never been the KEY thing in our relationship/friendship/time etc.

does this happen often?

Can't say if it happens often or not.
But it certainly does happen.

What does it mean when your main concern in a new relationship isn't sexual attraction?
In my opinion (which may not be the GENERALLY accepted opinion, just mine) it means you have already established in your mind that one or both of you have more to offer then a possible good lay based on looks.

It could also mean that you crave those non-sexual things.
It could also mean you sense that she does. (you did say she right?)
Lots of possibilities-so don't automatically freak out if my guess was wrong please.

Or am I misconstruing my own thoughts? Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, but I find it a bit hard to articulate.
What do you mean by misconstruing your own thoughts?
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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