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Originally Posted by thenewgirl79 View Post
i dont get jealous of physical touch ie sex, i get jealous of emotional touch...does that make any sense?
It makes sense to me, no doubt about it. I dont believe that I'm the jealous type, I would not have entered into my relationship if I was. However, any fleeting moments of jealousy I do have are far to brief to matter. These moments have come about only recently. This is because my girl and her lover have allowed me to see them being intimate together, and I have seen with my own eyes how special their sexual chemistry and connection truly is. Also, they have their set nights together, these nights have increased recently, and I have now also given my consent for her lover to come to our house when the urge takes them, even if it's not one of their nights together, my girl also goes to his, and his wifes place at times. So I guess a tiny fleeting glimpse of jealousy comes when I see him giving my girl pleasure to a degree that I cannot, it is very brief though, and it is far outweighed by seeing the joy on her face, and to see her taken to a place that only he can take her to. What is most important to me is that she is 100% happy, and she is.

I have a great deal of confidence in the love we share, the emotional touch as you call it. I think I would be jealous if I could see that she shared stronger bonds of affection with him. I dont see that, although I know that she loves him. Could I cope if she did love him more????????

Yes I think that I could.
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