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Default I Fancy You

I'm not sure "are labels really important" is the question you need an answer to. Labels can help clear up what we are talking about, as the other posters have noted, but are rarely something I would consider important in and of themselves and only become important in a conversation for the sake of brevity.

Originally Posted by quianaa2001 View Post
I am just curious if the slight possibility exist of some day things growing to something else... I just have some fizzing of fuzzy feelings and I don't know what to do with them.
This sounds like how you feel. If that's the case, this is what you ought to say. You aren't seeking a label, you are seeking to tell this person that you have feelings for them and that you kind of like the prospect. There is no ranking/labeling/classifying required to tell them that you have dig them, you just have to look longingly into their eyes and say in your best Eddy Izzard impression "I fancy you"
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