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Question Are labels really important?

When in a poly relationship does it become okay to discuss labels? Or are the nature of labels not important at all?

You have to excuse me I'm new to all this, just being introduced to polyamory by this new friend of mine.

My poly 'friend' and I have been long distance, communicating with each other over email and skype. We have met up twice so far, to meet up again this weekend and I'm so excited!

I'm thinking we have more of a f*ck buddy relationship. I'm okay with that I guess, because I know he cares about me and I know we have great sex together! But I am just curious if the slight possibility exist of some day things growing to something else. In no way do I want a primary relationship as he already has one of those. I just have some fizzing of fuzzy feelings and I don't know what to do with them. Many loves right? But do I voice that? When, How?

I'm just scared to ask and say these things and have no idea how to bring up such a conversation.

*Deep breath* Lol
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