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Default New Concepts

Originally Posted by Courious View Post
I am actually kind of excited to talk to him tonight.
I would like to consider myself to be open to new concepts and flexible when it comes to giving them a fair shake. That being said, sometimes if I am hit just right with new ideas I am about as receptive to them as a rattle snake (and just as charming).

As you've said, all told, it sounds like it wasn't a complete breakdown for an initial conversation. He sounds like he got a little catty because of an emotional response but there was minimal damage.

I'm with these other folks though, that you will want to practice at making your needs/desires known in a constructive way. It can be tough and I am certainly not skilled enough to have a clinic or judge anyone else, but improving in that skill should be a fairly high priority. Backing down to avoid a fight in certain circumstances can be a *very* temporary solution - but it is merely a bandaid and is not at all addressing the condition.

Keep us posted, I wish you the best.
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