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What AT said. Also remember you likely blindsided him with this and he will need some time to process everything. Frankly, based on some of the conversations I've read on this board, it sounds like it actually went really well, as a beginning. If he asks a question, answer it, even if the answer is "I don't know, I need to think about that". If you think he is mocking you call him on that. He will have fears and you will have to address those.

Originally Posted by Courious View Post
I ended up backing off and telling him I'd been thinking about it a lot because I've been writing about it (true, for my novel), and that it wasn't something I felt like I had to do. So I lied. I think. I don't know.
It may not be something you have to do RIGHT NOW.

But I also don't want to hurt him. And I don't want my 'wants' to tear our family apart (we have 2 kids).
I think this is important to tell him the next time you talk.
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