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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Did you call him on the mocking tone and comment?

Until you take full responsibility for yourself and speak truth, I expect you're going to have problems. Lying about what you want isn't going to do *anybody* any good.
I know it. I'll be talking with him again tonight. It's easy to say what needs to happen, but in the thick of it, when it feels like my family is at stake, I got intimidated. He has a way of being passive-aggressive about things sometimes rather than just coming out and saying what he needs and wants. He knows it though, and is working on it.

We talked on the phone a little bit last night (he was at his parents place for a visit) and our talk went pretty well, considering. He knows the convo is still open, and I made sure to mention to him that I love him deeply and am glad we're talking more openly than we ever have. Because to be honest, there's no way I could have even brought up a deep convo about poly a year or so ago.

I am optimistic... he's one of those people who takes a looooooong time to get used to new ideas, but when he does everything is chill. I am thinking he might be mono, but if he really does love me, he will find a way to be okay with me being poly. And maybe when he sees how great it is he'll find someone too

Wish me luck!
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