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Default Too true

I look to the top of the page and read 'forum>Polyamory>Spirituality and Polyamoury>The Christian Marriage'. I'm lead to believe this is a forum to communicate issues and understandings as we express 'polyamory' through value sets and obstacles of 'culture', 'spirituality', and 'religion' while executing our collective free agencies.
I've been looking for the forum 'religions are wrong, we hate them, so they're wrong and we're right' but haven't found it yet...
Through my free agency I'm 'Christian Minister'.... not a 'Christian'. I'm also Vitki to the Oracle of the Runes and blessed with a vibrant on-going conversation with our Multiverse that all people CAN have. The Multiverse and our Spirituality are not STATIC', but religions are. This is why I minister to those 'blind faith, member sheep of the flock' folks who struggle with self imposed legalism obstacles.
You're right about the Christ. My perspective is he forced those liars to see their hypocritical expressions through their free agency. I'm not looking for Biblical conversation, nor affirmations regarding our place in our vibrant Multiverse.
All I suggest is when struggling against the cultural imprints of legalistic religions, follow the Universal law of free agency.
Logically, the reduction or redirection of free agency by those 'preaching salvation' seems as dishonest as those who suggested it was 'sin' to heal the sick on a specific day of the week...
Dishonesty with the self, and dishonesty with those you all allow in your intimate lives is the 'sinful' behavior - if you're looking for 'sin' to assign. There is no 'sin' in the polyamory expression of 'holy matrimony' else would you interpret 'to love, to honor, to cherish'?
Love you guys!!!...
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