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That's all true, there are some people who have a lot of crises in life. But it doesn't really sound like that's the case with the OP's situation. It's more like "I just. don't. like. her."

It's more like they just don't like each other.

I see so much of that on this board. I think women just don't like each other when they're dating the same guy.

Honestly, very few people seem happy with their poly situations. I think most people on this board would love it if they were poly but their partner was only with them. It's kinda crazy! I mean, understandable. But it definitely says something...

The women all hate their husbands' girlfriends. She's dramatic. She's trouble. She's sneaky. She's bossy. She's controlling. She's always something. She's never just the woman your husband is dating who's allowed to be human and have needs and call him and take up his time. It always crosses someone's boundaries.

I'm not saying I wouldn't feel or be the same way if I were poly. Just saying....this is what poly is, and it's freaking sad.
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