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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Yup! And I think the key is to find one way to alleviate the feeling of oppression as you see it and then move on to the next. Otherwise it will likely more than weigh you down; it might crush you. Focus and take action
Any ideas on a one? I'd love to hear some basic-one or two sentence ideas for "step one" things to do.

I know ADD has a bad habit of allowing ones brain to run so rampant that you find yourself overwhelmed before you even start. I have that issue with my ADD and also with my 3 ADD kids and other ADD friends. I was tweaked and feeling stupid about it in myself before I talked to the psychiatrist.

So anyway-great idea for starting with one Mono-and if you have some suggestions on starting places that a person could try to put in place for step one I'd love to work on a list like that!!
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