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Default Thank you, everyone

Thank you to everyone who posted their advice and well wishes. I wanted to let you all know, who cared enough to offer your insight, that after a very intense long weekend of some honest, loving, heart-wrenching communication between the three of us, we have come to a deeper commitment to each other and have a pretty damn solid road map for navigating our relationships, both among the three of us and with outside people.

We're working on expressing our needs, rights, responsibilities, and limits to each other in writing, we've all three started reading Non-Violent Communication (and RE-reading Opening Up -- thank you to whoever suggested it ... one of our favorites that bears repeating)

My heart is full and my hope is restored ... I'm thinking of starting a blog in the Life Stories section so others can learn from us, because what came out of this weeks-long load of crap is truly beautiful.

Thanks again ...
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