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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
This whole topic really weighs me down. Do I ever get to feel that I am not oppressive? So what if I am privileged in some areas of my life? I am in that I can buy clothes from Bangledesh at Old Navy for instance. That makes me an oppressor by supporting their store and therefore those that oppress them. If clothing stores such as that only offer clothes from oppressed countries then how and when do I get to not feel like shit for buying them when that is all that is offered. Sure there is so much we can do and I do as much as I can but the burden can be SOooo heavy and it piles guilt and shame onto me that is also oppressive. Much of the way our culture is set up is around oppression in one way or another. What do we do, add everything up and see who comes out as the most oppressed and then sit with that.... what is the point in that? What do we do next?

Is this making sense?

I'm sorry, I don't feel it relates to poly, but I feel as if it needs to just be for me at the moment before I can find the way that it does relate... as I know it does.
Let me see, you are poly, I'm poly, Mono is living a poly life even if he's not poly and we are discussing issues we encounter in our lives and struggle with in different ways. How can it not relate to poly honey?

I find it frustrating that we (general) say we want to stop/end/reduce oppression and yet our whole systems for our life are (as you were noting) based on oppression, which in turn oppresses us, because we're stuck living in it... I'm not sure how one gets out of that.
One of our issues is Walmart. Everyone complains about purchasing anything from Walmart as it's supporting economies that are big on oppression issues-but it's also the only place with anything REMOTELY affordable to purchase where we live.

I would love to grow our own food to some degree, but we only have a growing season of about 4 months in a year. It's too cold the rest of the time(and the ground is under feet of snow). I've started doing that through the entire summer (we grow all of our veggies and eat A LOT of salads) and I managed to keep tomatoe plants alive year round inside-but with 9 people (soon to be more) in our house... there isn't room for a whole garden to feed that many IN the house!

Same with clothing. I can sew-but it's actually cheaper to buy clothing then fabric! Even if both are purchased at Walmart! UGH.
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