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I thought I would add more details to my intro. My husband and I have been married for 25 years. We have known each other since we were teenagers and have been together ever since. We married young and had kids young and now we are ready to experience some new things. We're not ready for grandkids and rocking chairs, yet!

Up to recently, I have never been with another man, however hubby has had an affair in our early years of marriage. Swinging for us has been awesome in the way that it has evolved our sex life. We've been on playdates, went to clubs, house parties, etc but even if we didn't play with other people we still came home and ravished each other. Sex has never been better!!!

I am a kindhearted person and I am always taking in strays, whether they be stray kids or animals. And, I believe that I can live this life, love 2 men at the same time. My ultimate scenario would be to have friends that would be willing to live this lifestyle with us, either in a home together or within close proximity.

Also, I wanted to touch a little bit about our MM. He gave us so much information about who he is and what he does. We have the potential to literally ruin his life (which we would never ever do) with the information he gave us, but we understand him a lot better now. Most importantly, he trusts us and we trust him. I do not trust easily, therefor this is a huge step for me.

Sorry...I do tend to ramble on... Even talk to myself at times BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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