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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Bingo!! That is what I feel as well. Add that to a long history of being deeply entrenched in the "norm" and you end up with someone who points fingers at himself more than others do.
I'm starting to think the "norm" is a huge pile of shit. Nobody is truly "normal"; they just have a way of showing one side. Therefore you end up with a lot of one dimensional people on the surface. I still miss it though.

But is this a form of oppression?
I don't know if it is or not honestly.

I do know what you mean though about one-dimensional people. A friend of mine jsut mentioned that friends of theirs are divorcing after nearly 20 year of marriage over one of them being poly. The friend of mine had no clue it was an issue in the other couples life.
Well-that would be because we learn to live "normal" for society and be whoever you really are deep inside yourself somewhere I guess.

Our family (the whole extended family not just our poly family) has always joked about "did you find normal yet" when we talk. My parents work in the medical and psychological fields and so often encounter the reality that "normal" isn't something that can fit over a larger number of people well. What is "normal temperature" for me it may be completely different than for you.

Normal is supposed to be "common" but that doesn't mean RIGHT. Yet our society seems to be of the opinion that normal is "right" and abnormal is "wrong". We aren't cancers! Normal isn't necessarily right, it's just common and often it's actually WRONG.

Normal WAS being a slaveholder at one time in the US. Now it's not..
Normal for women WAS being owned by a man (father or husband) even in the US now it's not..

Normal isn't always a good thing to be...

Rambling now. sorry!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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