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Default JC meets Bee


I spoke to JC about my feelings and he was very concerned. He was afraid he was going to come home to a divorce. After I let him know that I wasn't going to divorce him so quickly after 15 years of marriage and 2 kids he calmed down and really listened to my feelings. I let him know that these were personal things I needed to deal with. not something I needed him to fix, but support me as I travel this path.

Well, he left yesterday morning. As I watched him pack, I got excited thinking about them meeting for the first time. I was able to use that NRE to my advantage! I thought about what they would be wearing and I could see the smiles on their faces and it made me happy!

Later that night I called JC to check in with him. He wasn't supposed to meet Bee until today so I wasn't worried about interrupting them. So he says "would you be upset if I told you that we already had sex?" He has never been one for beating around the bush or subtly! After I got over the initial shock, I realized that I was more than okay with it. Not upset at all! I know then that all my fears were unfounded and all was well. I texted Bee later that night just to let her know that I was okay with her relationship with JC and our friendship was still in tact! That weren't with each other during the day today so I was able to text/call both without feeling like intruding. they are together now and I am trying to be patient, but I can't wait to hear how the evening went!

I guess I am closer to compersion that I thought!
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