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so what ur saying is that u love ur husband but ur not in love anymore? Im new to all this so is that where the poly comes in? that everyone wants that new in love feeling and their marriage is good just bland? if that is so shouldn't u be straight with ur husband? I have tried to get mine to be straight with me the distrust is almost worse than the actual gf thing. He swears he loves me now more than ever and that he is in love with me but I just don't know because of how everything transpired. (emotions were not part of our original agreement and i found them telling eachother "I love u" can't imagine life without u" in text messages. I had a mini breakdown after that it wasn't pretty. My suggestion for u is to give ur husband the gods honest truth and let him decide the worst he can do is say no and probably not trust u but if ur grieving for the person u want to be then be who u want but live with the consequences. it's crazy how we are on opposite sides but almost feel the same way. Like our life isn't what we want for ourselves. I sacrificed my happiness for my husband to be happy and it's about done me in. I hope u and ur husband find that happy medium for the sake of ur family
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