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Default Hey there from Northern Virginia

Let's see, I think I've got my signature all figured out with my vitals, but if not, I'm 33 straight male, my wife's 26 bi female. We've been married for six years now and have two kids.

We've talked about having possible interest in other women since we first got together, although we haven't acted on it, yet. We have recently started to look into figuring out how to act on these interests, and that's how we found this site. (my wife actually found the site, and introduced me to it) We're definately taking it slow, since our two little ones keep us busy and, honestly, I never thought I was great at dating when I was single, let alone now that I'm married - I really have no idea how to go about it.

I'm here (and have been lurking for a while) because I'm really interested in how people make it work, how to keep my relationship strong, and how people have found kids fit into the mix.

I'll probably make a person ad at some point in time to give an idea of what I'm looking for, but I really am mostly here for advise and experiences (what can I say, I'm an engineer, I research everything!)

So... I think that's it... I look forward to getting to know a few of you and hopefully learning a lot in the process!
Me - 38 years old
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