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I am in your husbands shoes right now in my marriage. Just FYI I went ahead and let my husband go for it even when I didn't want to. I beleive that just one person can make the other happy if they are truelly meant for one another I guess my question is this if you didn't have kids would u just go have extra marital relationship and tell ur husband to take a leap if he didn't like it or chose to just be with him? I know kids complicate it all. And why do u need more than one person? I'm trying to understand my husband and I just hit a mental wall.
Also is it just physical attraction to this other guy that has u curious? my husband mentioned sex getting old between two people an I can agree with that and additional sex partners for fun while together I can agree with but the need to become emotionally involved with someone else it's bound to ruin ur marriage some how I would think. I hope u and ur husband find a common ground but if he is thinking like me it's gonna be a hard road ahead
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