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Default Thank you

Such anger and emotional attachment in these responses.

To clarify - my last post was written for the previous posts focusing on old testament 'law'. Billions of 'Christians' have been manipulated by legalistic religions - and the cultures they control - to believe the Bible is God's word.
THEIR conversation contemplated these 'Old Testament' legalistic ideologies. In Genesis - depending on anyone's Biblical version - 'Sons of God' procreated with daughters, and there were giants, and blah blah blah. Clearly you're right regarding Biblical inaccuracy....
You're also correct regarding the Catholic Cannons, and the other ancient texts all self professed 'Christians' should read. The arrogance of religious leaders, that they know all things 'Christ' over the written texts of - for instance - the brother of Jesus, is laughable.
This doesn't mean many reading and participating in this conversation don't have their deeply held 'legalistic' and 'religious' beliefs. Their conversation is filled with struggle while reconciling their cultural beliefs against their free agency.
As for the disrespectful venom... I don't own Christ, and I'm not sure why you'd assign him to me. I'm a Christian Minister...I would never claim the bloody mantle of 'Christian' or the other Abrahamic faiths. Your emotional assumptions regarding me are inaccurate, but you're still entitled to them through your free agency....
To be clear...I am many things. We all are. I have done the hard work of Astral Projection, Past Life Regression Therapy, have daily practice in Buddhist and Vetic meditations, and Vitki to the Oracle of the Runes.
Through your free agency you can discount all things spiritual - I'm just not sure how it helps the people having this serious conversation regarding their spirituality.
I was offering perspective from a life very marginalized - Spirituality - through my free agency choices.
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