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I don't like to think I'm weak but I guess I am if I go by everyone on here. The way I act with my children and the way I act with my husband are night and day I do not let my kids see me as someone with low self esteem. the only low self esteem I have is that I can't seem to make my own husband happy with just me. I am successful at everything I have ever done. I teach my seven year old there are never limits to success. I guess I will find out what kind of parent I am when they are older but my kids are not shown the inside of my marriage.

I came here also to find out why people need someone other than their spouse in a romantic way. I don't get it at all. I could see if I treated my husband like crap but I don't. I am not so idiotic as to not see that I made my own path with this and I want to fix it . I want to fill the void that she seems to fulfill. I might be pissing in the wind but I want the chance. I hate games and I hate feeling like everyday I am being lied to. I am an evidence girl and since I have none I don't know what really goes on between them. I am looking for a ear to listen and not judge Thanks for the input. I plan on talking with him later and going from there
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