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I read your post several times to get all the detail. My impression of you in your post is a person who is very uncomfortable in your current situation, but chooses to stay in it, inspite of the fact you know you are not going to get what you want from your husband. That is your choice. You response to me sounds desperate and urgent, but I don't see you as a victim. I see you as a woman making a choice.

For some reason, you believe your husband has the magic touch to make you happy, but he just won't touch you with his magic - so your stuck. What you see as stuck I see as your choice.

Originally Posted by lace3232 View Post
So it's like a never ending cycle.
Classic codependence.

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I don't know about the codependency part.
You know what they say about alcoholics - the first step in recovery is to admit it. You're not there yet.

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I don't feel close to my newborn
Unless you do the personal work of developing the self esteem necessary to be happy, you will teach your child to have the same low self esteem you do.
I wish your child the very best in his journey to self esteem and happiness. He won't be able to learn how to get there from you. Most of us come into this world with a certain amount of pain. The heartache you are going to fill his childhood with will be a part of his.

The only good news I can give you is you can make the decision to grow up and take full responsibility for your own happiness anytime.

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