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I have tried being straight forward with her but through texting. I do agree that we all need to sit down and discuss things but we can't get her to meet up these days. Robert and Amy have not seen each other in over a month. They talk on the phone and text daily.

He says he cares for her a lot but just doesn't know how to deal with the situation. he was hoping that she would catch on and put forth an effort to make things work out..
I feel she isn't treating him right by not spending time with him. Coming up with excuses as to why she can't come to family functions. She did not even come to his b.d. party. She talks to him for a few minutes on her way into work and on her way home from work and that is pretty much it. I feel there needs to be more involvement.

I guess i want to see him happy with her and I don't feel he is. I see that he wants more from her .

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