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Originally Posted by RunningMan View Post
No, I won't be happy in this situation as is.
OK, that's good information. So if you're not going to be happy doing it, why do it?

If you have something that is really important to you (as it sounds like this is), why are you giving that up? Is your relationship with this person so important to you that you are willing to give that up?

Originally Posted by RunningMan View Post
So if he ever finds out, which he won't, I will just tell him I just met the person. I don't know.....something like that.
So you'll end up having to lie to him. I can see why you wouldn't be happy with that.

Originally Posted by RunningMan View Post
I'm really not sure why he would want me to hook up with random strangers, that could try and hurt or kill me, instead of one person that I can actually build a trusting relationship with.
I think that's a very valid point, especially if it's not something you want anyway. What has he said regarding this when you have discussed it with him?

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have your needs met. You deserve to have caring, loving partners who want you to grow however you wish to grow. I'm not getting a lot of encouragement for personal growth in this situation.

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