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No, I won't be happy in this situation as is. It's rather frustrating, because basically my "random" hook ups that he agreed to can't interfere with our schedule together. And we're pretty much together all the freaking time except for when I go to grad school. So guess what, I will be going to grad school a hell of a lot. Anyway I don't want random hookups anyway,that's so freaking boring, I just want to see one other person that I have developed a strong connection with. So if he ever finds out, which he won't, I will just tell him I just met the person. I don't know.....something like that.

I really haven't moved much in my progress. We had an unofficial DADT policy that I used, now this is only official. Not much difference in the grand scheme of things.

I'm really not sure why he would want me to hook up with random strangers, that could try and hurt or kill me, instead of one person that I can actually build a trusting relationship with.

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