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Default Non-Sexual Affection

ok...i'm not sure how to search for this exactly, so indulge me a new thread if you all will.

I've been reading through the stories and experiences and have found that for the most part, (allow me to generalize for a moment) that random sexual encounters aren't exactly poly (whether your partner allows them or not.)
Instead it seems to be more about a deeper connection first....and then a possible sharing of a sexual relationship.
But what about the other end of the spectrum? In my own situation, I'm finding myself very attracted, for lack of a better word, to somebody other than my partner, in a very NON sexual way. In fact, when i think about new friend, the fantasy is always about hand holding and cuddling.
Don't get me wrong, i HAVE fantasied about being with her, but usually my thoughts are for the most part very protective and nurturing.

does this happen often? What does it mean when your main concern in a new relationship isn't sexual attraction? Or am I misconstruing my own thoughts? Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, but I find it a bit hard to articulate.
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