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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I hate google calendar. We used it for about a month with Loveleigh, her husband, sisters, and her husband's ex and I hated it. I prefer the one that we have at work with Outlook express, however, it doesn't let you view other people's calendars when you aren't all connected on the same network, so I can't check anyone but my own's when I'm at home.
What did you "hate" about Google calendar? To date, it is the most user friendly and free calendar sharing program I have encountered.

In any case, web based calendar sharing is no longer a "new" technology and using "it's too hard to coordinate without calling the boss" is not an adult argument. Using any modern living solution that starts with "Microsoft" will likely ensure that the technology is already 5 years old. Google "free shared calendar" or the like and check for other options. Cozi comes to mind, but honestly if you have legit distaste for Google calendar this means that you may well also have problems with other online calendars.
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