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Default Gamer, Gaming and Game Designer Here

Hi, I am Desert Rose,

I have been playing games since the Tandy2000 came out in the late 70's. I am not that old.....LOL.
Anyway, I am currently nearing the end of a Bachelors Degree in Game design. I plan to make a media-gaming company out of my education.
My favorite form of gaming is on my pc, though I started out with game systems.
My favorite games right now are first person shooters. I like mystery games. I like all games really, but these are my favorites. I game with my clan on Combat Arms......which I am developing a site for the clan and making a personal flash game for the clan.
I play all COD.....though I am anxiously awaiting the release of COD Black Op II.
I am gamer on WOW, RIFT, AND Diablo III.
Diablo III, is a whole other conversation to say the least, anyway, thought I would introduce myself here and what I do.

Please unwrap your legs...............I am having trouble breathing....

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