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I have met Amy a few times. We have had lunch together.The first few weeks they started dating she would come over to the house after work a couple times a week.

No he isn't meeting her at the gas station anymore. Especially right now as he is traveling a lot right now.

Originally he was meeting her in the mornings or afternoons. But that had to stop cause he was taking off work early or going in late. He just couldn't risk his job over this.

Robert and I talk about Amy often. I had told him I had given up on the thought of her and I being close. I told him that I feel like she doesn't treat him right. He said he was more or less let her hang herself in the relationship.

I texted her good morning the other day and we talked for alittle bit. The next morning she wished me a good morning first. But I haven't heard from her since. He says she started calling him again.

I don't know if she is scared of things or not.. But I just know I don't like where the relationship is going. I want more out of it.
Thanks for talking to me about this... It is nice to have someone outside of the family to talk to about it.

Have a Super Fantastic Day,
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