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1. I don't know how they felt towards each other before she moved in I imagine there was attraction probably no sense deluding myself. They claim the emotional happened after the sex started. The deal was for me to get pregnant not her. Our first child was a surprise while dating. We had a turmoiled relationship then but still got married. the person he is now in regards to sex and love now from then is like night and day.

3. the initial deal was my husband never had a true single life his first child and marriage happened when he was 18. he divorced and was single for like 6 mo then me and him got together. I was a wild child and also served in the army for 6 yrs so I had me some crazy times I sowed my wild oats. He was on the brink of a midlife crisis and I thought maybe just going out and having fun would benefit him. that's how it was suppose to go down. Then it turned to just her and I started freaking and supposedly they stopped doing anything physical unless I was there and the feelings between them began. He claims that he loves her like a best friend and cares for her but I know my husband and I say bullshit he either is in denial or just lying. I know he loves me but I am not willing to have half his heart.
This has been discussed with her several times that I felt she was moving in on my family and that it wasn't just sex they had an actual dating relationship. They both deny it though they say they just talk to eachother the way they do for fun. I can see why she would her man is a non nurturing ass. But I give my husband tons of affection and attention. He says cause I dont make him feel needed she does. Cause she a helpless 23 yr old who has jacked her life up. I am independent woman who can do pretty much anything. I don't need a man. I just want one. I have freaked at least 4 times had multiple fights with my husband and if he truelly care about my mental health or marriage he would do something. it stopped briefly supposedly but he was horrible to live with and I had too much on my plate to deal so I just said ok y'all can go back but I'm in the room and no relationship crap. so I let it go looking to see If it was goin to change. Guess what. Nope. they text each other every single waking minute (I'm not exaggerating) and when he is asleep and she works she sends like 15 texts during the night. example the other morning they had sex with me in there which I can't do anything just had baby. An she goes to her room after for bed. They text some more. What does that tell u? Tells me they had some things to say that they don't want me to know. this happens all the time.

I will have to say he has changed attitude wise for the better and we are really open in our feelings now. Or at least its alot better. if I wanted I could go get someone for me but I don't need or want anyone but him I'm happy with one person. He believes in her philosophy. That not one person can make someone truelly happy So where does that leave me? I know the answer. Either shut up and live with it, or leave, or make her leave and always wonder if he is cheating.
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