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Default Update on Poly Talk

Well after 2 days of not talking, we finally talked. The poly thing was not well received. He said he couldn't condone me seeing other people, but if I saw other people without him knowing he didn't care.

Then I asked,"What happens if I see someone and get caught cheating."

He said, "I never said anything about it before, if it just happens I don't care." "I just don't want you to plan to see someone."

I say, "So you want a Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy." He responds, "Yes, that's what I want.

So that's where I'm at. Whatever, I don't care anymore. I tried to be up front and this is what he wants, this is what he will get.

Obviously, I don't expect to walk into the grocery store, meet someone, and hook up. That's not my style anyway. I will continue seeing my special friend as before.
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