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I have been living a semi poly life for 1.5 yrs now or should I say my husband has We have been married for 8 yrs we have 7 yr old and a newborn. My story is a long and complicated one but the jist is a girl that worked with my husband needed a place to stay during work days so I let her and her man played the poly card and she lured my husband into thinking it was a good idea. I wanted a baby so we made deal. I make no excuses I did what I did not fully knowing what would happen but I never thought he would go through with it but he did and not only that they tell eachother they love each other. Which according to him is bullshit cause he says he just wants her to feel good so she doesn't go find other men and bring back diseases. I feel betrayed and heart broken that he has an emotional relationship with someone other than me like that. I play with them but i am not really into it because i feel like its all a lie It was just suppose to be sex not emotional that was the rule. Now I don't trust either of them in regards to each other and it's not like I haven't had it out with them and voiced my opinion cause I have. There's Way more to the story. I am struggling and need someone to talk to
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