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Kevin does have sensible advice, doesn't he?

I'm not sure what you're reading that's making you nervous, but you might want to start with a tag search on something like 'coming out' or I'm not sure what it's called, but there are a few good threads on how to have that conversation.

I didn't find this forum until after I started falling into this vee I'm in. My 'new' bf is also my ex, who has maintained close friendship with both me and my 'current' bf throughout our relationship.

I'm just sayin, I totally understand about an ex, and still having feelings. I kinda skated on 'the conversation.' CBF had often joked about being okay with me having sex with FBF. So my conversation was 'remember how you said you'd be okay with that? were you for real, or was it really a joke?' And he said it was for real.

I would ask you to think about it as, 'I'll present it to my partner and see what happens.' Rather than, 'it's not happening,' because you're shooting yourself down before you begin. It's often said around here, that we go at the pace of the slowest. It's not just 'here's how it is, take it or get out.' It doesn't have to be like that. (and it might go a whole lot better when it isn't that)
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