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I would first like to point out that I am not a Christian, I am a proud atheist and I plan to remain that way for the rest of my natural life until I start seeing some evidence that there is a god. Seriously.
Thank you Jessica. Christian roots declare polyamory. Jesus even went so far to promote "brotherly love" and was witnessed to have held some of disciples closely.

I don't how they reconcile the current "religion" of many "Christian" denominations with the life of Jesus; however the canonized scriptures leave some clues. The statement against the Corinthians made by Paul (who wasn't Jesus), and against the Nicolaitians by John (who wasn't Jesus) show prejudice against sexual license of many kinds. Perhaps it might be better to look at the Bible as the field of wheat which contains both food and chaff, instead of a feast of unleavened bread.

Why don't they just pray in the streets and show their piety while they murder children in the darkess? Such Pharissees!

The website you posted appears to step in the right direction instead of going down the path which leads to destruction.

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