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Thanks, nycindie, that's a good idea. I don't communicate much with the girlfriend, but I could show it to my husband, and he could show it to her.

I wonder just how much communication I should have with her. As I said, she started out wanting to be very buddy-buddy very quickly; I just don't work that way, and it made me uncomfortable. In addition, she has said and done things that made me very uncomfortable (including making a remark in my presence - and my husband's - about giving my husband a blowjob. Seriously?)

When my husband and I were talking the other day, I said something about not liking her much, and he replied, "Well, she doesn't like you either." That felt weird. I feel like all I've tried to do is limit my interactions with her, and all of sudden she dislikes me? I am friendly with the other person she's currently seeing, and have heard that his wife has issues with her as well. I wish I could think of a way to smooth things over, if only because I think it's hard on my husband that we dislike each other. Sigh.
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