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My boyfriend, Wendigo, is married. I'm married and we both have a child with our respective spouses. I expect him to check with his wife if I want to have a date or even if our regularly scheduled game night needs to be moved around for one reason or another.

For example; I recently asked my boyfriend if we could spend the day together a 2 weeks in advance because we'd just gotten back from a week long camping trip and I knew he'd want time to reconnect with his wife and son. He talked to her, they agreed that he'd be free to spend last Thursday with me and we'd have or regular Wednesday night game on Thursday instead. So we went ahead and got together around 1pm and spent the afternoon together then picked my husband up from work for game. Halfway though game, my boyfriend asked what the date was, knowing his mom's birthday and his anniversary were some time that week, but having been sleeping poorly, the days were running together for him. When we told him, he said he had to go home as it WAS his anniversary. He and his wife had both lost track of the date/ days of the week. She wasn't mad, but I did take him home right away so they could spend some time together.
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