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Hey, I was in exactly the same situation! One day I just realised that I couldn't go on pretending I was not missing anything. I also have a fantastic husband, and I was so afraid he would not understand...
I was also apprehensive about how I would feel about his possible love interest, or if I would be capable of being in a triad. Turns out the fear was way worse than reality. The first time he told me about a woman he was interested in, I did feel a little bit jealous, but it was nothing compared to the overwhelming love and understanding and feeling of a great connection...
Polyamory doesn't mean you give up having a life partner, or that you will become less special. How could you? He will still share the same memories with you, and you will still understand each other in a unique way. He won't suddenly become a different man, some kind of casual boyfriend. His love for you won't diminish unless there is some other reason unrelated to polyamory. Besides - isn't trust the greatest thing you can ever give to someone? By allowing each other your freedom, you profess your love in the best way possible.
But I understand, of course. It's the wretched self-esteem thing, isn't it?
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