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Default Hello from the Czech Republic

Hi, I'm 25 and I live with my husband, who is about ten years older (we have been together for 9 years). I am bisexual and currently in love with two girls, but neither seems interested in a romantic relationship. They are both bisexual and like the idea of polyamory, but both of them are too tied up in their boy-problems. But that's ok, friendship is also a beautiful experience.
My husband knows about my crushes and is ok with it. I told him to pursue other women if he feels like it, and our relationship is now better then ever. He is still not quite ok with me being with other men, but I think he'll get there. Right now it's not important for me, one man is enough for me, and my mind is full of those two girls anyway
I sincerely believe that polyamory has the potential to change the world, if it becomes more widespread.
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