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Howdy! I'm Nalani, Lani for short, currently residing in Miami, FL. This will be my first real venture out into the actual poly community, although I have explored a bit (much to my disappointment) in my past relationships. Bisexual in nature with an equal preference to either sex.

I'm also an active member of the Pagan community here in South Florida and teach various workshops and facilitate ceremonies for those interested in ceremonial modification (I'm a professional piercer by trade and a student of anthropology with a focus on rites of passage and ritualistic modification).

I just got out of a pretty terrible crash and burn type relationship, so for the time being unattached, however I am platonically seeing a few people, I'm completely open to this lifestyle however I demand that it be approached with respect for everyone involved in a safe and agreeable manner... After doing copious amounts of research I've decided to branch out and give this thing a real go and am looking forward to, if anything at all, the opportunity to learn and grow.

Aside from that I'm an outdoorsy kinda gal, I like camping, traveling, reading (with a voracious appetite), and there's a rather large sweet spot in my heart for writing and dance, poetry and tribal fusion to be exact.

Looking forward to chatting with you all, see ya on the flip side!
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