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You could be helping those oppressed countries by buying stuff from them.

One sad example is that people felt bad about buying good produced by child labor. So they passed a law that forbid people to buy them. They figured the children would no longer be forced to work. But the end effect is that the children needed the money. From Wikipedia: "In Bangladesh, there was a closure of several sweatshops which had been run by a German company, and as a result, thousands of Bangladeshi children who had been working in those sweatshops ended up working as prostitutes, turning to crime, or starving to death."

Our good intentions made it worse for them.
I agree that good intentions don't always have good consequences. I also agree that boycotting sweatshop clothes may not necessarily improve things for the laborers. But I wouldn't go so far as to say that it "helps" them to continue feeding the system that keeps them in sweatshops. It merely maintains the status quo which is a pretty sucky status quo for them and a really good one for us. The hard part is to take that awareness and find a new solution with it.
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