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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
. . . what is a forum for if not looking for real life guidance/conversation with real people?
Yes, of course, and that is my point. Look first! Read what's been written and shared before. Yes, everyone thinks we're all so unique that no one could possibly understand our crazy unconventional situation, but one can still take advantage of the years of posts that have accumulated here. Then add your questions to an existing thread. If one's particular question or problem hasn't quite been addressed in any other threads they could find, then start a new one. I don't think anyone is being negative by directing people to old threads. I just don't want anyone to miss some of the gems we've got here. And I really liked how NeonKaos used to merge these similar discussions into a "Master Thread" for reference. And, yes, I believe she usually waited a few days before doing that.
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