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Talking hi Luci here and Im new.

Hello, Im Luci and new here. I find monog relationships just dont work for me, not because Im after sex with everyone but simply because I dont feel One person can satisfy all the interests of another and due to that mono breaks down. For instance One May love camping while the other loves hotels - so who compromises and so doesnt get full enjoyment. Ok only One example of why I think poly, even with its challenges, offers more to relationships but One may also love Cinema but the other Hates it so I cant see any problem with having múltiple people I find that much better than someone losing out. These May seem shallow reasons for poly but I dont want to go into too much here yet as Im new, but to me, the idea of seeing other people with honesty and openness means no ones heart gets broken by deception and 'cheating' .

I dont know much, only how i feel so I hope i havent offended anyone.

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