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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
I love that this forum doesn't object to resurrecting old threads but it does bother me a bit that starting a new thread on an old topic generally generates some negativity. I think that both approaches have value. When reading old threads on the topic I hear what those posters (who often are not active anymore - although sometimes they are) thought about the topic at that point in their journeys. But I don't really know those posters, I haven't been reading their day-to-day struggles...I like to hear what my current online friends are thinking.

If people are interested in discussing a topic with the current group of active posters they can start a new thread or resurrect an old one. I, personally, think either approach can be valid - some folks may not want to feel they have to read 200+ posts before they can express something they have been thinking about (which may not be new or exciting to the oldsters but is clearly new and exciting to them - and has been to many people or it wouldn't get brought up so often). What's wrong with letting the current conversation run it's course and then merging it with the old thread later? (personal preferences at play here, obviously).
Well put. It is the habit of older members on a forum like this to put down the resurfacing of topics well covered. I know that it has been my instinct in the past on other forums and I am grateful to be humbled by your clarification of why we should resist the urge to brow beat people for bringing up topics long since covered.

For newer members, do check out the old thread on this topic linked by ny; it is actually quite a healthy discussion. (thanks again ny)
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