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Well, perhaps my vintage loving friend has really gone away, but for other unicorn hunters and potential unicorns who read this thread...

I just feel bad for everyone who has gone thru this, couples and their "girls" [sic]. If the new "girl" at first feels equal attraction to both in the primary couple, but then after NRE wears off, gets along much better with one or the other in the couple, it's heartbreak time not just for her, being vetoed, but also for the one she has chosen, and who feels deep love for her. Off she goes, leaving a hole in the loved one's heart. Who would want that? The unchosen one takes away the beloved by their veto. Why not allow that dyad to continue?

I will never get this package deal scenario. It just smacks of a mono mindset too much to even be under the umbrella of polyamory, imo.

I wonder why icelandic's other unicorns "moved on..."
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