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Seraphic, I would like to apologize for my rather flippant post towards the start of this thread - I was responding to your general questions in your original post and had no clue about all the background stuff that was going on.

This is a truly horrible situation, and it really has nothing to do with love or caring, and everything to do with control and abuse. I have found myself agreeing more and more with various posts that GalaGirl has been making recently, and this is no exception, and I only feel like I can emphasis some of the points she has already made.

The things you are feeling is because you are a victim of abuse. It's not surprising that you do not feel in the mood for sex when your only experience with it has been non-consensual and highly emotionally abusive.

Please follow GG's advice and try to get out of this horrible situation as safely and as quickly as you can. You do NOT deserve this.
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